Sony VPL-HW50ES Projector

Has anyone configured this projector with the iTach IP2SL? Can you share details and how to proceed, thanks.

That should use the same command set as the Sony-VPL-VW1000ES that we do support so it should work just fine. Like the 1000, that would be a a Null Modem cable with a 38400 bps connection.

Thank you.

You guys are awesome, thank you for such a quick reply, I have already ordered an IP2SL to hook up my HW50ES to roomie. Also, is there a tutorial to setup Plex Media Player on a Mac Mini?

Generally Plex is auto-discovered. If you are running the new Plex Home Theater that isn’t yet available for public download, you just need to add it via the Manual IP option on port 3005. The old Plex is port 3000 if it isn’t auto-discovered for you.

Thank you.

How do I access the manual IP option, roomie discovers my plex media center and adds activity, but remote doesn’t control plex

Manual IP is at the top of the Add Device list.

Thank you.

Okay, I have setup the plex activity both with the auto discovered device and manual IP and neither seems to control the plex media player, perhaps it s an authentication issue. I have entered my Mac mini user I’d and password in these fields, should I be doing something different?

Usually Plex is setup without authentication. Did you configure it to require any?

Thank you.

No, just thought it referred to the mac minis user ID and password, I cleared the authentication fields but still plex not responding to roomie. Will stop for tonight and pick this up tomorrow, thanks. Any further guidance would be appreciated, do I need to be running anything else on the Mac mini side? I see two discovered devices a xbmc and a plex JSON, I have selected the JSON, assume that’s right?