SONY VPL-XW Series config


After troubleshooting, here is the right config to make Roomie work on a SONY VPL-XW serie

on sony, the config shall be :

  • From normal remote, set network ON
  • From normal remote, set Web UI ON
  • Go to the Web UI
  • i set up a password you can remind
  • ADCP (port 53595) ON and switched OFF authent

on roomie : the port shall be 53595
select any SONY VPL



This is all awesome, the one command that is missing but would be REALLY useful would be the ability to switch between the three saved POSITIONS. Otherwise there’s no good way to deal with different aspect ratios if you don’t have an anamorphic lens.

Would it be possible to add support for this command in an upcoming release?


As mentioned many, many times throughout the forums, adding supplemental commands is very straightforward, but does require custom device support which is limited to specific subscriptions.

There are many obscure commands that may exist for various devices, some of them undocumented, and our Custom Devices support allows these to be added. Create your Custom Device, add the command(s) you want, and then create a supplemental device using the same IP and Port as your original main device based on the Custom Device you created. Commands to either the main device or supplemental device work together perfectly.

I managed to get the on/off commands and some other buttons when selecting Sony VPL, unfortunately I was not able to get the touchpad arrows? Any thoughts? Thanks