Sorting through lists with the XBMC JSON IP remote

I’m having trouble sorting through longs lists in XBMC. For example, in a list of Movies, to skip down to the first title that starts with “S” you can hold Shift + S on the keyboard. However when using the keyboard Roomie JSON Remote, there is no shift key – capital letters are sent as if Caps Lock was on. In essence, there is no command for Shift + {a letter}. Is there a good way to sort in XBMC using the upnp server remote used by Roomie?

Doesn’t make sense to “type” a letter S when you can just tap the letter “S” in the XBMC guide for Roomie and jump right to it.

There are situations where using the shift+letter is preferable to the media guide. One is when you need to resume an existing movie or tv show which is not supported in the current media guide.