Speaker A/B or AB Switch to work with Roomie IR

My Receiver does not support Zones and I would like outdoor speakers. Can any of you suggest an AB speaker switch I can control with RoomieRemote and iTach?


Aton makes a speaker switch that can be ir controlled via Roomie ( it is in the code database) but it might just prove easier and cheaper to get a new receiver unless you are looking at doing more than just a single outdoor zone. The Aton DLA comes in 2-4 or 6 zone models.

Outdoor Speak Depot also sells an ir controlled speaker switch but I don’t know if Roomie has built in codes for it and it also requires use of impedance matching volume controls so you will not be able to control zone volume from Roomie.

Thank you. Unfortunately, I just bought the receiver thinking it had two zones but it is the model up.

I am using theATM-7 Zone Speaker Selector

amazon.com/OSD-Audio-ATM-7-S … B004Y8MH3M

I had to learn the IR commands using my iTach IP2IR but everything works fine.