I currently have an SQBlaster and the SQRemote app. This system is integrated with my Vera home controller. I can create macros in SQRemote that call on Vera scenes as part of the macro. For example, if you hit pause on the movie, the lights go up to 100%. When you hit play again, the lights dim to 20%. The integration is very tight with Vera and there is a SQBlaster plugin for Vera that enable Vera to initiate SQBlaster actions.

One big downside is that SQConnect the company does not seem to exist any more.

On the positive end, the interface and controls available in Roomie appear to be far superior to those in SQRemote.

My two basic questions are:

  1. Is there anyone out there with a Roomie set up (with whatever IR blaster hardware–iTach?) have their system integrated with Vera and can Roomie call Vera scenes?

  2. Can you create multi-step macros with time delays/pauses with Roomie and apply them to a button or part of the interface?

I did see in the news announcement that Vera is now auto-detected.

Apologies if these questions are basic. This looks like an amazing app/system.

They do seem to have died. We tried to contact them to discuss supporting their hardware many times over the years and made it clear all they had to do was send us a box and we’d add support. Despite many assurances we were always about to get one, we never got one. It felt very shady. Something seemed to be wrong such that they could never get production boxes made and that dragged on for years and now they’re probably gone. Anyway, it’s too bad because the concept was good, but the hardware was very overpriced especially considering they had such limited software.

All of the items you described should be easy to setup with Roomie.

Thank you.

Hello triangledave,

I am very new to Roomie myself, but I thought I would chime in here and let you know my experience thus far. I have had Roomie up and running for about a week now; and I have to say I am VERY impressed so far. Like you, I am longtime Vera user. I have used SQRemote as a hardware beta tester and I continued to use it after the beta testing period.

In regards to your two questions above, I think I can answer them from a user perspective.

#1) Yes, Roomie does call Vera scenes using the “Scene Number”. You have to get the scene number from Vera’s web GUI.

#2) As Roomie responded above, yes you can. I’m not sure if you are more interested in delayed commands in Vera, or IR/Serial/IP commands (for AV devices) or not; but yes, I believed these are all possible.

I looked at, purchased, and attempted to configure iRule before diving into Roomie and I have to say I am not disappointed. While I have absolutely no doubt iRule is a great product; I am looking for something I can configure more quickly with less of a learning curve and Roomie has been just that for me thus far.

As far as tips from a noob, I would highly recommend comparing your equipment with the compatibility sections of this website. Verify your equipment is compatible, and more importantly, what are the gotchas for each type of control (IP vs IR vs Serial). I think I have relied on IR control of my equipment too much initially. While I have been able to get my RoomieRemote up and running relatively flawlessly; I think I should have explored using other control means [such as serial for my Denon receiver and IP control for my Samsung Plasma (with CEC for initial waking)] over an exclusive IR (via iTach IP2IR) strategy. Also, I can really recommend this companies products so far. I think the time that I really sat back and said “wow, this is a great product” was when I decided to fire up VPN on my iOS device (outside of my network) and then launch Roomie, just to see if I could control my system remotely without punching holes in firewall etc and IT JUST WORKED! From the zero reconfiguration VPN remote access, to it’s ability to recognize when a device’s IP has changed (and notifies you of it); this truly is the best AV control iOS app I have ever used.

I hope this helps you in your buying decision! - Jake

Thank you for the feedback. It looks like Roomie is the leader in this area.

The interface and features are definitely the next step in the evolution of these systems.

I’ll be picking up one as soon as my blaster dies (Maybe sooner after I learn the features a little more. Roomie and Blaster would have been a great combo. I’ll be recommending Roomie to my friend who is putting together his first home theater.

Thanks again.

Follow up question-Can you remove unwanted buttons on a Roomie Remote? For example, most remotes have a pile of functions and buttons that are not used 90% of the time by casual users. I’d like to be able to select and have visible on the screen only the buttons that are needed for the basic use for a particular screen or activity.

Is this simplified interface possible with Roomie?

Sure. Just tap the name of the remote at the top of the screen. From there you can edit anything on the Remote Design including adding and removing buttons.

Thank you.