Status Feedback support for LOEWE TV


I’m using SimpleControl to control a Loewe Connect ID 40 TV using Global Cache Serial Adapter and a custom RoomieCodes file.
As serial communications allow two way communications, I’d of course like to make use of some of the STATUS commands, specifically .VOLUME STATUS, .POWER STATUS. and .INPUT STATUS.

Reading the DDK documentation, I understand that Roomie needs to know how to interpret the return values, and suggests contacting you when support for specific formats is needed.

I would appreciate you could provide FORMAT support for the following STATUS commands:

Value: data volume
Returns: data volume XX
XX being the the volume value in a range from 0-99 (no leading zeros)

Value: prog
Returns: prog -XX "XYZ"
XX being a negative value in a range from -1 to -25 (no leading zeros)
XYZ being an aribtrary string which is not required in my case

Value: status
Returns: status
Where = tv indicates power on

I can provide the Interface Specification Documentation for LOEWE TVs if required.



i’m also very interested in feedback support for Loewe TV’s.

Alexander, can you please share your custom RoomieCodes file with us, i think it would help a lot of people !


Hi Markus,

I’m happy to share the file and will post it in the next couple of days.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you and appreciate any help that you can provide !

Best Regards

Hi Markus,

I finally got around to completing the custom codes file. Sorry that it took a bit longer.
The code file covers the most common commands for controlling a Loewe Connect ID 40 (actually any Loewe TV with a SL2xx Chassis). I also performed some tests and things worked.

If you are missing anything just drop me a note.

Kind regards

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I have a SL2xx 40" Individual and would like to move from IR control to Serial. Could you kindly share the custom codes file you created?

SimpleControl, Is Loewe IP control on the horizon? Us (otherwise very happy) European users fell a bit left out!

Thanks a lot!

Hi Rolo,

can you send a mail to please.
I’m happy to send you the file.


Hi Slava,

glad I could help.
Let me know how it goes.


Hi -

I must be missing somethings obvious here.

I have v5 and per these instructions I must add the xml-formatted commends in the “codes” section of SimpleControlBackup file inside the archive

How do I open/edit the file?

My MacOS defaults to TextEdit app to edit the file, which displays garbage.

I installed the XCode suite and was able to open the file YOU kindly provided, editing out non-Loewe portions. When I try to open the SimpleControlBackup file with XCode I end up with a blank file.

Which format is it in?

Can SC please provide a step-by-step for us mere mortals on adding custom files to the SimpleControlBackup file? Your DDK is perfectly editable by XCode, but how do we ADD it to the SimpleControlBackup?


The best choice is BBEdit to edit backups directly.

However, Xcode is also an excellent choice. The confusion you encountered is that, unlike BBEdit, Xcode needs the file extension added manually. So rename the file to add “.plist” to the end and then you’ll be able to open it there as well.

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Hi -

$50 is a bit steep for my one-off situation :slight_smile: So adding the extension worked (the opening/editing part, anyway)

So thank you very much.