Status toggle icons

Any plans to incorporate different icons depending on the status of a device, for instance, door open close in home bar scene it does change to show the status, but then it’s a combination of all devices how about individual activity if set as home bar scene activity…see red circle item in my living room, likewise for living lights instead of bright and low GUI can we set two separate symbols for on and off…and likewise for curtains and others…

Just checking if this key feature request is in the roadmap? Other users do you think is would a great addition?

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Just checking if there are any plans to incorporate this feature. I hope it’s not a lot of work, this was in the old simple control older interface l think 6-7 years back, it is very useful to see the status as icons…a simple way to implement is for each activity based on status if we one can choose the icon to display that will be it…vs choosing just one icon for each activity,

Something like this…surely no colors