Stop macOS from intercepting game controller button presses

Hello, I’m a lifetime Roomie Remote subscriber, and mainly a user of the macOS app.

I keep the Roomie Remote macOS app open at all times on my Mac.

Recently I’ve started using usb game controllers (the likes of “8bitdo” joypads) to play games and emulators on my Mac.

My issue: if Roomie Remote is open (even if it’s not in the foreground), it intercepts the button presses from my game controller and uses them to control Roomie Remote itself (e.g.: L1 for mute, L2 for volume down, R2 for volume up, D-pad for up/down/left/right, etc.). So I’m forced to close Roomie Remote every time I want to begin a gaming session, otherwise I’ll accidentally do weird stuff to my media theater. (imagine me playing a videogame on my Mac while on the sofa, my wife nearby watching TV and suddenly I accidentally change the channel or mute the volume with my button presses on the gamepad)

Is there a way to stop Roomie Remote from doing this?
A general “disregard all game controller button presses” box to tick?

Thanks in advance