Strange Locking Behavior with Simple-Hub for macOS

I’m running Simple Hub for macOS v4.5.11 (1304) on a MacMini with macOS-Sierra.

Over-all, it works pretty good. However, I am experincing some strange behavior. I’m not sure if this is by-design or not (I wouldn’t think so).

So, my main coffee-table Remote is an old iPhone-5 with no-SimCard. It’s in Guided Mode. The option in Settings to Prevent Editing is enabled. In Simple-Hub for macOS, this Remote is Locked.

At the Remote, you must enter PIN to get past Lock. Even after clicking Done, it repeatedly stays Locked as it should. However, if you enable Editing in Settings (so you can just view some programming … it’s forever Un-Locked. Even if I re-Enable Prevent Editing, the Remote acts like it’s un-Locked (doesn’t ask for PIN any more).

For now (as a work-around) … after I check some of the Remote’s programming, I have to go into the office where the MacMini is. I have to use the Simple-Hub interface to un-Lock this particular remote and then Lock it again. Only then will it correctly ask for a PIN again.

Also, during this scenario, I noticed the Remote’s icon in Simple-Hub for macOS doesn’t always reflect it’s true status.

So, is it a glitch or am I doing something incorrectly?