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There are times when I have activities setup in roomie that I’d love to be able to leverage IFTTT to action a post to my house Facebook page. There’s also the option to gather security snapshots that roomie invokes in a vera scene I’d like IFTTT to post to my house instragram. Building a roomie interface to IFTTT would be so awesome!

+1 for this. It would also help with more macro-level proximity, rather than the micro-level proximity that Roomie currently supports.

For example, if I turn off my car inside of my geofence (Automatic shows ignition off within iOS or Android Location), Roomie activity “Listen to Sonos” is run - all IFTTT with future Roomie integration. Then I walk into my Media Room and Proximity sensor changes from Sonos to Watch TV activity - All Roomie.

+1 IFTTT would allow you to leverage the outside world with Roomie.

I don’t think it’s a quick solution though as I believe you would have to first build a central web interface so then all the roomie’s could talk to Roomie Central which would then communicate to IFTTT. I don’t believe that IFTTT offers a direct connection and the only Roomie connectivity right now is backing up the config to Roomie or Drop Box.

Another vote for IFTTT which I see myself using more and more

Best idea ever!


This is desperately needed. It would be a game changer for this app because it would turn it into so much more than a remote. There is a strong community there already, we just need to join it.

IFTTT is really just a website that talks to other websites. Not really applicable to this model and not applicable to things that actually work on your local network. If you want to send yourself gmail when a news article appears on Google News, they’re good at that, but not at integrating with home/network things. IFTTT also does not yet support third-party additions, so they would have to do this themselves.

Meanwhile, we did just release our SmartThings integration with Roomie Agent 2.1. In their case, they have a local hub so they are able to talk to Roomie Agent on the local network and we added support for the ability to lookup Activities inside SmartThings and run Roomie Activities via Roomie Agent based on SmartThings events.

We may provide the ability in the future to send Roomie commands remotely from the cloud. By that time, IFTTT will probably have added some kind of ability for third-parties to add things, so perhaps by the end of 2015 it will be time to review whether this is possible. There will be many options before then that are likely to be better candidates here depending on your needs.

Thank you.

Bringing this back from the dead. IFTTT has third party support, and it seems like a perfect thing to integrate with the Hub. Assuming the Hub has the ability to control any device I’ve configured Simple Control to control, being able to expose those things to IFTTT and trigger from non-Simple devices or vice versa would be awesome.