Support for PJLink projectors?

Have you considered support for projectors that support the PJLink IP control protocol? They’re generally more business or auditorium projectors instead of home theater projectors (that generally haven’t adopted IP control, alas…) but I could see some interesting uses in conference room or classroom control where it would come in handy.

The protocol is fairly straightforward, Here is the documentation.

MacPrince, I agree it would be great to have this built in.

In the meantime I wrote a quick post on how to control PJ-Link in Roomie here if you have a requirement for it. Certainly works nicer than an IR blaster!

Forgot to say, that allowed me to control an Epson EB-4650 over IP, the built in Epson definition didn’t seem to work with IP control, maybe I was just using the wrong port; or it was just for IR.

Thanks, jackbenim! Of course now I work for a place that doesn’t connect our projectors to the network (yet)…

I’ve written some code for Epson’s own IP protocol, ESC/ The commands are the same as their RS-232 protocol, and are a lot more readable than PJLink (“PWR ON” - how can you beat that?). It talks over port 3629, and requires a handshake with each connection before it accepts commands. The handshake is:

Projector will return:
(Note the one byte difference)