Support for Sony STR-DN1040 (2013 model)?

I see that the ES line of 2013 model Sony receivers was recently added to the compatible devices list. Any word on if/when we might see the STR DN-1040 added as well?

Also, any idea what the feedback support will be? Will it be as limited as the 2012 model STR DN-1030 or more along the lines of the ES series and other brands?


The 1040 model apparently partially works like 1030, but some of the inputs and other commands don’t work via IP. It should work fine via IR.

Meanwhile, the only way to retrieve those commands via IP is to sniff them and we haven’t had enough demand for 1040 support to warrant us doing that (which would involve buying a 1040). We’d be happy to assist any users with a 1040 in performing a WireShark of the device if someone feels up to that task. Please contact if you feel you’d be up to that.

Thank you.

This thread is out date and no longer correct as we fully support all of the 10XX models now including the new 1050.

Thank you.