Support plex home theater

As of today, the new plex home theater has been released to the public. Would be nice to have official support. I believe the new control is similar to latest xbmc. I’m not sure if you can integrate with the plex media server for the guide but hard be nice

This looks pretty good as is. Certainly, for control, it works well. It auto-discovers as XBMC which is good because the old Plex support is way behind our latest XBMC support. In fact, Roomie’s Media Guide even appears with PHT including the file browser.

A couple of things do not work with the release of PHT: keyboard commands and most of the Media Guide.

It’s safe to say that we will enable the Media Guide to bring it up to the full-featured level of XBMC in the next release. From a control perspective though, it’s working well now.

Thank you.