Support roomie URL scheme for URLs within Roomie

Not sure if there is a different way to achieve this, but I would like something similar to the “roomie://” URL scheme to work for URLs displayed within Roomie.

When I launch a URL in Safari, I can link “roomie://” and return to where I launched the URL from, however when I do the same thing within Roomie, the only way to get back is to tap the “< Activity Name” in the upper left. I’d like to be able to have links in the web page which take some action (in my case play a video on my dune player) and close the integrated browser (thus returning the user to transport controls for the dune).

+1. This would be very powerful if we could run roomie activities via url schemes sent from other apps.




Please add this.

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I also think this would be an extremely powerful feature. As an example, I would love to have the ability to have ISY-994 programs trigger Roomie activities using the ISY network module.

Using a URL to load an Activity in Roomie is already possible with Roomie Agent using the instructions here:


This thread is instead about iOS URL Schemes which are basically unrelated. The above is performed via a network call, iOS URL Schemes are an entirely local concept to your device.

Thank you.