Switching Between Activities

I am sure I am doing something wrong…

I have created two activities. One to Watch Cable TV ( FIOS ) and one two watch Apple TV.

If I start the Watch Cable activitiy and then switch to Watch Apple TV, not all Watch Apple TV commands are received. Specifically, the TV turns off but does not turn back on.

I have tried adjusting the delays between commands but no joy. Again, I am sure it is me but thought I would put it out to the group as I am new to Roomie have recently switched from Redeye.

Thanks in advance,


It sounds like you may have designated your TV as a Power Device for an activity. TVs should basically never be Power Devices. A TV is typically marked as “Power for All Activities” in the Edit Device panel.

Thanks for the quick response. WIll try that tonite.

Just wanted to say thanks. I made the change and all is working well now.