Switching between activities

I have the two activities of “watch bluray” and “listen to CD”. In both activities my bluray player is the power device and is suppose to remain on when I switch from Bluray activity to the “listen to CD” activity but it turns off as soon as I press the “listen to CD” activity button. My setup is as follows: I am not including the tv and the receiver here to make it simple and short:
Watch Bluray activity:
Power device= bluray player
start command= power on bluray player (by default)
stop command= power off bluray player (by default)
Automatic Commands= on

For the “Listen to CD” activity since I don’t want the tv to be on and I have assigned the tv to power on for all activities, I have turned off the Automatic Commands as follows:
Power Device= Bluray player
Start Command= Power on Bluray player (Manually)
Stop Command= Power off Bluray player (manually)
Automatic Commands= Off

It used to work for me befor but now it doesn’t for some reason. Could you please help me with that.

It’s the stop command I believe that is the issue. When you switch commands it stops the current command which you have set to send a power off command.