Switching between activities

Newbi roomie guy here.


Denon 2313

Samsung 6000 smart TV

Phillips blue ray player

Need someconfiguration advice. I have two activities programmed. Watch Fios for cable and watch blue ray. In order to change activities I have to do a system off command then press the other activity to turn everything on for that activity. What is the best way to switch between activities? Do a system power on that turns on all devices then have the activity switch the inputs on the Avr or is there a simpler way?



Hi, not wanting to ask a silly question but why can you not just tap the other activity and what happens/doesn’t happen, when you do?

For most of my setup devices are already powered on or are powered on as part of the activity and can also be set to power off at the end of an activity should you wish it.

As part of the activity, do you have a power on command? If so, it it power on or is it a power toggle? Also, do you have any devices set via the options to “Power for all activities”? this can cause issues in some instances.

As a work around, disable the “power for all activites” and take out any power commands that are in the activites commands list. Then all you do it create an activity that just powers on all the devices, then just use your cable/sat and dvd activites to switch inputs on your TV/AMP/Receiver etc.

Hope that makes some sence, but im here if you need any more help :slight_smile:

Helix - Thanks for the reply. Basically I have two issues. The TV and Fios cable box both have power toggles. So if you send a power command after the intial power up, they turn off.

Sounds like the easiest way is to have a “system power on” activity, then have activites for each device. The “Watch Fios” activity will basicly just have a command to switch the input to cabl/Sat input on the avr. Then do the same for the blue ray, just send a command to switch the input to blueray on the avr.

I was wanting a single button push for each activity.


Thanks for the feedback, I am new Roomie user with Denon & Samsung Equipment and experiencing the same issue with Power Toggle vs. direct On/Off support.