Switching between activity issue

I have an issue when I select an activity, my Samsung UN55ES8000 won’t set to the proper HDMI input? For example everything is off and I hit “watch cable” everything powers on but my tv wont switch to the proper HDMI input. I have already set the proper HDMI inputs to the activity, so it knows what it should be… Is there something I missed?

When I go to just the tv remote and hit any of the HDMI input selections they won’t switch either other then the first HDMI input, if I hit it it will toggle through the others… Im puzzled as to how to solve this.

Sounds like you’re trying to set a specific HDMI input over IP control to a Samsung TV. We basically never see that work. Setting explicit TV inputs like that on a Samsung TV works via IR and Serial. Via IP, Samsung generally lets you set HDMI (without a specific input number) or basically jump to the “next input” whatever that may be neither of which are usually useful from a control perspective.

So basically I have no choice but to use an ir emitter directly on my tv?

thanks for the super fast response!

Just to clarify, I am using a WF2IR

If you have the WF2IR, you can use either an emitter or a blaster for IR control. In your initial message, are you saying you’re using IR control? If so, then it sounds like you may be seeing an IR reception issue likely caused by emitter positioning. Increasing the Retransmit Count may help with that.

I am using my wf2ir in a in closed cabinet for my amp/cable box/ and ps3 which is where my blaster is positioned and im currently controlling my tv through ip. So like I was saying then its probably best to run a emitter up to my tv for best results?

Yes, then an emitter to the TV would be best. If you end up needing an extra long emitter cable, we’ve got some that we know work listed here:

astore.amazon.com/cyphersoft-20? … TF8&node=9