Switching from iRule


I have a multi-room HT and TV set up fully functioning with iRule but am moving to SC. I currently have all my HT devices set up either through direct IP or serial to IP using iTach IP2SL units. So I was wondering: can I keep the same hardware set up and just switch over the software?

I have several Lumagen video processors and they are not mentioned on the compatibility list. They are all currently controlled via serial to IP. Will these devices be easily integrated?

The other devices I have I think are not a problem (TIVOs, Meridian surround processors, JVC projector, Panasonic plasma TVs).

Thanks for any comments.

Looks straightforward. This seems to be their doc:

lumagen.com/docs/Tip0011_RS2 … 072516.pdf

This link provides the DDK with samples of how to add custom devices:

simplecontrol.com/knowledge … om-device/

Thank you.