Synology Diskstation

It would be convenient to integrate Synology DiskStations into Roomie for a full house integration solution. A serie of DS Apps already exist (DS finder, DS audio, DS cam and so on) so I imagine that this would be feasible. Would be great.
Thank you


+1 for me.

I have a Synology box as well, and I love it. But I don’t really see what I would want to make it do using Roomie.

I also have a DS411 and would like to bring up photos and also play movies I’ve loaded on to the media box via iTunes. I guess that would be there from the iTunes integration already available for roomie. Is that correct?

I just thought of another use. There are IP cameras integrated to the synology box as a surveillance station. looking through to those cameras from the TV would be nice. There is an iOS app for that from Synology but nice to have it all in one so to speak.

What we need is a version of Roomie Agent that would run on the Diskstation.

We use a Synology Diskstation here already. It looks like a basic Linux dev environment. So the difficulty of this would be equivalent to building Roomie Agent for Raspberry Pi and/or Linux which is something else we’re considering.

Thank you.

We need a Roomie Agent software port to the Diskstation. This is where something like Roomie Agent should live as we all use our Diskstation’s for always on servers. ++1

I agree, the diskstation has enough added benefits to allow a ‘Dashboard’ you can select from using the Roomie, to get cameras, statuses, disk reports, resource management, video/audio station, etc.

Since it is always on, lets leverage it !!


Please support it!

Just watch out about cpu on the diskstation.

I think diskstations are way underpowered, cpu-wise.

I had a few things running on mine that slowed down disk I/O!

My standard is 94-101 mB/s

When I used it for some stuff like downloads, etc, the transfers dropped to 78-88 mB/s

And cpu sat at 40-60 percent always.

So, as long as Roomie agent is not a cpu hog, I vote for it too!






(about 150.000 Synology NAS units sold per year…:wink:


more than anything I would like to be able to integrate ds video into roomie or simple control as its now called. Similar to how plex is integrated. It would be nice to be able to browse videos without having to leave the app.