TCL TV IP Control

I have a TCL Roku TV which is discovered on my wireless network but I don’t have full functionality. I’m unable to control the tv volume or turn the power on/off. Has anyone gotten this working?

It’s not on our supported list. However, it’s probably a child of the normal Roku protocol. If you go through support we can probably add those commands (the protocol is so simple that they can likely be added via the DDK as well very easily).

Thank you.

I’d like to see this too!

Any Update on IP Control for the TCL Panels? I am looking to get one of these TCL Tvs and hope to have Power On/Off & Volume controls via “IP CONTROL” over Ethernet. Thanks In Advance!


We added that many months ago. I don’t think it’s on the compatibility list yet, we just announced it in the release notes.

Spoke too soon. Those are in the beta release notes for the next major release as auto-discovered units. However, it is supported in current production 5.0.12, but needs to be added manually. Use port 8060, type TV, brand Roku.