Telenet (Belgium) Digicorder DC-AD2100


Do’s anybody know which IR device to select from the libarry for the Telenet (Belgium cable provider) DC-AD2100 cable modem?




Usually, if you look behind or under the box, the real manufacturer is identified. Most cable boxes will be Motorola, Pace, Scientific Atlanta, Cisco, and a few others. If it’s the name of a cable company, you know it’s just a logo and not relevant to what the box actually is.

I was unable to find an IR device working with the Telenet DC-AD2100. I read/Learned them in, made a file and they are working. if you want, i can sent them to you.

That would be great, would be the place to send such things. Thanks.

Hi Soundtracks and Roomie, yes it would indeed be great if you could send the file, my mail address is If the file would be added to the Roomie libary that even would be better and would allow other Belgium roomie users to benefit from the work done by ‘Soundtracks’. Thanks, Stefaan

Hi Soundtracks and Roomie, any news on this? Has the DC-AD2100 been added to the libary? I tried to add the ‘ADB’ cable modem (seems the DC-AD2100 is a re-branded ADB-5723CX, but it doesn’t work. Before starting to spend ttime and effort with ilaern, it would be good to know if there are any plans to add the DC-AD2100 to the library. Thanks, Stefaan

Yes, that was added to the next library update.

Thanks, but where can I find it in the library? I looked under ‘cable’ but could not find it? And also a search on the website doesn’t return any results for AD2100 or Telenet. Thanks again.

Library updates go live every 2-3 weeks. If you email them, support can send you the command set if you’d like to add it manually before then.

Many thanks Roomie and Soundtracks, mailed to support, and indeed a couple of hours after it was even on a Sunday! The file was mailed to me with instructions on how to install it. And it works perfect now for me. Thanks again for the excellent support! Much appreciated !

Hello, I installed the device from the library. It works great, except the “zap” button + and -: clicking on either is like doing it three time, so it always jumps three channels higher or lower. Any clue on how to avoid this? Resend is set to 1 already on the device.

Many thanks!

Would you clarify the command you’re seeing that on? We don’t see a “Zap” command in that command set. Also what is the Retransmit Count for the device in your configuration?

Hi, I refer to the buttons + and - that allow to switch to the next channel or previous channel. retransmit is set to 1.

If you edit your Remote Design, you can set the “Repeat” on the button for the CHANNEL UP and CHANNEL DOWN commands to “None”. That should solve the issue for you.

Thanks for the quick replies. It did not help either. So I made a custom device and learned the codes. Works ok also.


The codes you learned are simply the internal codes repeated 4 times. So you can replicate that using the internal codes as well.