Thermostat control

I’d like to see radio thermostat control added to room activities. It be nice if temp could be displayed at top of activity page with temp up and down controls.


3M Radio thermostats wifi thermostats are readily available at any Home Depot for around $99.

here is the API for them … V1_0R3.pdf

I agree. Can we get this added with this model to do what he mentioned above? If not is there a thermostat out there that can do this?

I have an Insteon Thermostat. I believe I can change temp up and down with Roomie (I will test soon) but no temp feedback given. It would be easy to add feedback through the ISY. I know, I know you focus on home theatre, but open up this app for “whole home control” and you will see your sales tripple! Best app ever and getting better.

+1 Any progress on this? Anybody any experiences with any models that work?


+2 I’d like to see support for 3M radio thermostat, also.

Something I just learned is that the 3M Radio Thermostat and Honeywell Wifi thermostats (like the RTH8580WF) use the Wi-Fi USNAP Module. So any of the thermostats that use that module should be able to use the API below. … piv1_3.pdf