Theta Casablanca 4

Roomie Remote and the iTach Global Cache WiFi2IR works great for my old receiver, Blu-ray player and satellite box. I replaced my old receiver with a newly released Theta Casablanca (CB) 4. I configured Roomie Remote using the CB 3 from the device library (CB 4 not available yet) and set the ITach IR blaster port to the same port as the other devices. The other devices still respond, but the CB 4 does not.

Debugging steps done so far:

  1. Verified CB 4 responds to its own handheld remote
  2. Verified with Theta that CB 4 uses same IR codes as the CB 3
  3. Held iTach directly in front of CB to make sure signal was not blocked
  4. Tried using older Casablanca 1 from device library but it did not respond

Thank you for your help.

Eric Bowmman