Thin red-line at top of screen

  1. What does the thin red line at the top of the Simple Control v4.5 main-screen actually mean?

  2. Sometimes, when I pickup my dedicated Simple Control remote (an iPhone-5), it just has a thin red-line at the top and SimpleControl doesn’t seem to work. What causes this?

My dedicated Simple-Control remote is an iPhone-5. It’s in Guided-Mode with a 30min-AutoLock. The MacMini runs 24/7/365.

Simple Control v4.5.x for iOS (on iPhone-5 with iOS-10.x)
Simple Service 20-Device Monthly Subscription
Simple Hub for Mac v4.5.11 (on MacMini with macOS-Sierra)
Simple Blaster (Ethernet)

I had the same thing. I think it indicates that your hub is offline, but I’m not 100% sure. I updated to SCv5 and added a hub, but I kept v4.5 installed. When I added the hub and paired it with SCv5, it ALSO paired with SCv4.5. I’ve asked support about this, but have not heard anything yet.

The red line was present for me in v4.5 whenever I used it. I assume because of the version mismatch since I’m not running Hub v4.5.

In 4.5, that meant “hub is offline or not paired”. V5 is completely different.

Remember never to cross the streams as stated in the release announcement. You’re either running V5 or V4.5. Never both.

Upgrade to V5 and contact support if you have reset all devices and re-paired everything and such issues continue. No reasonable way to diagnose such things in a forum.

No, I can’t update anything to Simple-Control_v5.x

Apple has decided I can’t upgrade my iPhone-5 higher than iOS-10.x.

That’s what I thought.

I will verify the next time if falls into this mode. However, I’m pretty sure that the Hub software was working on the MacMini. Meaning, if Simple-Control was running on the iPhone-5, it appeared in the Hub monitor software. If I closed Simple-Control iOS app on the iPhone-5, it disappeared from the Hub software.

Closing and restarting the Hub software also didn’t seem to help.

Only thing that fixed it was rebooting the iPhone-5. It’s happened twice now in 2 months.