THX Volume switch now provided on Denon/Marantz receivers to switch to the 0-98 volume scale?

I noticed this in the latest release notes. This is awesome.

Did the obvious stuff in the app to try and figure out how to switch to this volume style but couldn’t find it. I checked the device settings, activity settings, and activity design.

Any help?

Device → Advanced Settings

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Not there. Just have address, port, MAC, model, serial, disable relay, and command interval. Unit is a Denon AVR-X4300H. Device category shows as “AVR Series Zone 1”. Should I open a ticket?

Force Update Code Sets as usual.

Okay, I will add that to my self-solving steps in the future. In this case however it did not help. Did a force code update. Nothing. Did it again. Force closed the app. Nothing.

You must be using the wrong codeset. We didn’t delete any ancient code sets. Denon/Marantz in the modern era uses the one that supports this. If you’re using something ancient that won’t work.

It is whatever codeset that Roomie selected when it auto-discovered my device originally.

What’s “ancient” in Roomie? This is a 2017 model that supports 4K, Atmos and the 0-98 scale. Is that ancient? If I remove it and rediscover it will it pick a newer codeset?

I didn’t say your model was ancient, I said your selection of codeset was. Add fresh.

Got it. I will add fresh and see if that works. Thanks.

For future learning, did I do something to select codeset? I don’t think I did. I just relied on Roomie to auto-discover. The “your selection” phraseology suggests user error and I will try to avoid such things in the future if I can. Or are you just saying whatever Roomie selected way back when I added this thing is outdated?

There are at least 4 ways to control Denon receivers. They each have different reasons to use them. One reason to use them was to avoid the need for Relay Commands. Anyway, over the years whether you chose it or the app chose it, it’s not unlikely you ended up with what for many years has not been considered a primary way of controlling Denon. Rather than break everyone’s config, we just let those ride. But if you want to use new features like this, it will need the modern codeset, and now there is only one.

Perfect explanation. Thank you.

Try again actually. It’s possible some of the public code sets were not yet updated.

So, doesn’t solve my issue but whatever you did was needed anyway. After the last post I rediscovered the receiver and the THX UI element was there in advanced settings. But the unit was totally unresponsive to the Roomie device commands. So I bailed. After your most recent post i refreshed and the code set count went from 11 to 12. I rediscovered and the new device works fine. Old device still no joy. Will have to do a replace of the old device with new device on all my activities at some point.

So I suspect at this point others won’t have issues. Thank you.

Curious. Though I know it wouldn’t be supported am I correct in assuming I could crack open the Roomie config files and find / replace with an appropriate editor to bulk update old device with new device? Would save me a lot of clicks.