Tivo Bolt

Has anyone used a TiVo Bolt? I am setting up a new system, and am trying to go 100% IP. I see the Roamio in te list, but nothing on the Bolt. Suggestion welcome!

We believe that works fine, but until we test it or have a preponderance of success reports from users we don’t have enough data to add it to the compatibility list yet.

Thank you.

my bolt+ works on ip correctly. I have a bolt+, roamio, premiere and tivoHD. They all work fine on IP

My Bolt+ works fine, but there is a new UI (VOX) that is cumbersome to navigate unless you have some of the new buttons on the new VOX remote. Still struggling with how to do this.

I’m looking at photos of that remote and don’t see anything notable. What do you mean?

I have just downloaded V5today and noticed there is no easy way to channel up or down on the TIVO. I click the TIVO symbol which brings up the channel up or down. Once I click up or down once the window closes and needs to open back up to press the channel ± again.

Doesn’t have anything to do with a Bolt afaict, but whenever I see a comment like “where is channel up/down”, I wonder, “you do know there is a guide where you just tap channels and that now everyone has the guide because everyone has the service?”

Secondarily, the button tray does not close after tapping a button. That must have been some other mis-tap. Once open, it’s open and you can keep it that way if you like.

I realize there is the guide. I use it to, but I was just checking the functions because if I don’t my wife will let me know about it. Anyway on my IPad if, using the TIVO menu, if I select the TIVO below the rose it will then display the channel up or down. Once I select either it will shut down the pop up. I will test the same on my iPhone tonight.

This does, however, seem to be a problem with the mini because the guide does not go straight to the channels. I was also experiencing the tray closing after one press.

Please review the release announcement. TiVo Mini should be added as a fresh device. It’s now just like a full-fledged TiVo.

I added it as new device. The dvr is working just like a TiVo, but it’s just entering the channel number from the guide instead of going to the channel. Channel 2.1 in the guide goes to channel 21.

You should report that to support.

So I think I see what’s happening with the button tray for the TiVo. All the other buttons leave the tray open. But the channel up/down buttons cause the program being watched to change, that forces an update to the information at the top of the panel and that seems to be what causes the tray to close.


Another point about channel up/down: those buttons also serve as Page up/down when in any list of the interface. I realize real estate is at a premium in the main panel but you may be able to kill two birds with one stone if the Ch+/- is moved to the main panel from the tray.

Just my two cents.