TiVo Channel Feedback

Is there a way of displaying which channel is currently being viewed. I know the guide has a blue triangular mark against the channel currently active, but I would like to see on the remote which channel is being viewed. Similar to volume feedback etc of the receiver.

You can add a Display button and then set the Feedback on it to Channel. That will be a passive channel display, it needs to be set the first time.

We have a lot of additional TiVo functionality we’ve been working on since literally March 2012, but the process for getting it approved is… long. We’re optimistic. It’s ready to go when TiVo green lights it.

Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorry but I’m new to Roomie Remote, can you explain how to add a display button or is there some step through I could follow?


Just tap the name at the top of the Virtual Remote to enter the Remote Design editor. Then scroll down to Add Button. Then choose Display.

Thank you.

This doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve got a tivo roamio and in the roomie app it’s set as a tivo series 5.

I see the blue triangle during live tv, but nothing shows up in the channel feedback display. Hopefully, you get approval from Tivo on those upgraded features soon!

I set it up as tivo feedback channel and it puts an empty box in the remote with no channel display.

any troubleshooting tips?

Don’t spend any time on this. We sent the new release with advanced TiVo support to Apple a while ago. Sometimes it just takes a long time for them to work through their process. One time in 2012 it took 42 days. Anyway, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Thank you.

Wrapping this topic, the new advanced TiVo support we have been trying to make happen since March 2012 is now available as part of 2.4.1. Thank you to TiVo, Inc. and the many beta testers over the course of years that participated in this effort.

Thank you.