Tivo feedback

I am using roomie to control my tivo premiere. When I change the channels using roomie, a blue bar shows up on the top showing the channel status as a feedback. I am assuming, that is the two way feedback from tivo. When I change the channels using tivo’s original remote, I don’t see that blue bar on the top on my roomie remote screen. Isn’t it suppose to showup on roomie screen and let me know whenever channels are being changed on my tivo box? I thought that is how the two way feed back works. I thought the feedback is suppose to show any changes on the device’s status no matter which controler has changed the status.

Channel feedback for TiVo is passive right now unlike say DirecTV which is active (active = you see anything that happens from anyone immediately). TiVo channels are actually the only passive feedback in Roomie.

However, one note is that the command bar at the top of the Virtual Remote is not “feedback”. Because TiVo feedback is passive, we don’t add it to the remote by default. If you add a Display button to your remote design for TiVo and designate Channel as the feedback type, then you will see the TiVo feedback.

Is active feedback for TiVo Premiere unit available now because I see the same thing as it was before.

For non-technical reasons, we haven’t yet announced the new TiVo Premiere integration. However, it is complete and we may enable it on a case by case basis for beta users or others. We will post here if we decide to open that more broadly.