TiVo Mini

I will be receiving a TiVo Mini this week & I was wondering if Roomie will be able to support it? If so will the experimental TiVo set I’m currently using with my Premieres aply to the Mini as well? I am willing to help support development of this device if not.

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Your guess is as good as ours as they are not yet available.

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I just set up my TiVo Mini & I can control it via Roomie. It auto discovers it as a TiVo Media Player Premiere TiVo Mini. I can use all of the control functions such as live, channel change, etc. But I am using the expiremental TiVo software & it is not working properly. The scrubbing buffer doesn’t work. And more important the live channel feedback doesn’t work. It gives me feedback for the turner on my XL4 & won’t let me change channels via the guide. I am willing to help try to figure this ouI, just let me know what you want me to do.

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Curious if it is working now - just ordered a Mini

It is IP controllable with some limitations. There is no live feedback. The live feedback you get is actually from the host TiVo, so it’s useless. You also can not change the channel via the Roomie guide. The work around is to change the channel from the TiVo guide or the numeric keypad. Other than that everything else works. You will like the Mini, I do.

Has Roomie responded to you about fixing it, as their earlier post notes?

I haven’t tried in a while I figured it was a hardware limitation. The TiVo app isnt fully featured for the Mini either. I just accepted it as is. I would be willing to beta test as I have for other software & components, but they have shown no interest.

There’s nothing to be done here until TiVo provides working units. The issues users have mentioned with Mini units are on the TiVo side.

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Curious if there has been any updates regarding support for the Mini’s? Have thing been clarified? I own one - I don’t see it as an auto- discoverable device - and was planning to get a couple more…



interesting your Mini auto discovered - my mini did not, but I am connected via Ethernet over coax so that’s likely the issue…

We have a TiVo Mini test unit now. We have just deployed an updated command set that removes aspects of control that are inhibited by TiVo Mini bugs.

In summary, the TiVo Mini does not support many aspects of TiVo’s IP control such as changing channels. However, it does support manually entering digits and thereby effecting a channel change. So we have removed the pieces of the command set that enable integral channel changes and deployed a new command set labelled specifically for the TiVo Mini. While channel changing will be slower on the Mini, it will work which is the important part.

For those also using the advanced TiVo feedback available from Support, the TiVo Mini does not properly register that. These are both bugs on the TiVo side that would affect any app including TiVo’s. For now just use the new command set for the Mini instead.

To get the TiVo Mini set immediately, just go to Settings in Roomie and tap Last Update.

Thank you.