Tivo Mini

Great job on the new Tivo feedback support. Love it! I also have Tivo Minis. The live feedback shows the current position of any recorded show and I can skip to any position I want. I can also pull up all the recordings and watch the show on the Mini. The only problem is that in the Feedback Display for the show name or channel number/channel logo it shows what’s currently playing on the main a Tivo Roamio instead of the show I’m watching. Will there be a fix for that?

The advanced TiVo support in Roomie 2.4+ is for Roamio/Premiere models as per the IP Compatibility list. The TiVo Mini should continue to be added as it was in the past. Tap Add Device, select Manual IP, enter the IP of your TiVo Mini, enter port 31339, and then select Mini on the final screen.

We will likely extend the new feedback fully to TiVo Mini in the future, but for now we recommend using TiVo Mini with the TiVo Mini control set.

Thank you.