TiVo Premiere (US) Experimental Functionality

We have some experimental support for TiVo Premiere US models that enables quite a bit of extra functionality with those boxes. If you would be interested in that, please contact support@roomieremote.com and let us know your exact TiVo model(s). Please include the words “TiVo Premiere Access” in the title of your message.

Enrolling in the beta program is not required in this case as this can be enabled purely via command set deployment. However, you will be asked to return a brief NDA. Remember this is for TiVo Premiere US models only. Other models such as the Virgin TiVo or TiVo HD or TiVo Series 3 or DirecTiVo are not applicable.

This message should not be construed as an indicator that any such support will appear in a near term release. For now, this is purely experimental but something we feel is ready for more hands on.

As there may be a high demand for this, we would note that it is possible it will be some days before we’re able to process your request. We also wont be able to discuss this feature further in the forums until/unless it is announced as a confirmed feature.