Tivo Premiere

I am considering replacing my Motorola DCX3400 DVR with a Tivo Elite XL4. Can anyone comment on how responsive the Tivo Premiere DVR’s when controlling them via IP? The Motorola has terrible response to IR commands no matter what I’ve tried (Harmony, repeaters, iTach, adjusting delays). My biggest issue is with channel changing, it is inconsistent with getting the channel right. I am hoping if I switched to a DVR that was IP controlled it would be an instant command like every other device if used via IP.

As a general statement but also specifically with regards to channel changing, there is probably no smoother implementation of that than any modern TiVo. Part of the difference there is that via IP, we use a single TiVo command to change the channel to a complete channel number. Via IR, everything including the Motorola of course requires sending individual digits. So that means 9 then 0 then 0 then Enter, and each IR command takes about 200ms, for a total of 800+ ms which is almost a full second to transmit before the unit actually does anything. By contrast the TiVo IP channel change command completes in about 50ms.

We have both of those devices as test units and can confidently say you’re like to be pleased with the upgrade.

Sweet! That is exactly the answer I was hoping for! So far I am very excited, impressed & satisfied with Roomie. I am just trying to maximize the experience & get everything to work as best as it can so my wife will accept using it exclusively. Thank you for your reply.