Toggle codes for Humax 1002S (OSN satelite STB)

HUMAX 1002S is satellite STB supplied for OSN PVR/DVR customers in middle east
Contrary to various internet forums advice -this does NOT use the “Pace TDS(865) Cos” code set.
(the codes are same, except the 1002S unit utilizes toggle codes, the Pace does not)
Hence using the Pace code set -will work - but will not support successive press of same key
Many different STB units were tested from simple control database- unsuccessfully

After reading and experimenting - it is possible to use the roomieremote DDK to build a
database that will support toggle codes.

my experiences & tutorial will follow
(after final testing – I will submit the RoomieCodes.plist file to SC to up[date the published code sets.)