Track power state questions

Unfortunately I still have one device left in my configuration that doesn’t have discrete power off/on. Luckily, Simple Control offers the “Track Power State” option for power toggle devices. But I’m seeing inconsistent behavior trying to use it. So I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is the power state tracked on each iOS device or is it supposed to be synched through the hub?

  2. The User Guide (pg 35) says " Puts a power toggle control on the list of Devices (in Edit mode) so that you can easily switch the Device to the desired power setting if it gets out of sync". I don’t see this device anywhere.

  3. I setup a “sleep” activity that uses a timer-based trigger to invoke a room’s System Off activity after a period of time. It consistently fails to power off the toggled device even though manually selecting the room’s System Off activity does power it off (is this a bug that should be reported?)


Have you tried clicking on the little icon and the centre bottom? In mine there is a power toggle tucked away in there.

Could you clarify which little icon what center bottom? In the bottom of the action panel?

Oh, re-readiing your post. You mean the icon on the main action panel that opens to show the additional remote commands? I know there’s a power command there.You’re suggesting I just use that command to get the device into the desired state?

I think that that is what they mean…