Trane ComfortLink II Thermostats

Trane’s ComfortLink II thermostat is one of the more popular communicating thermostats that is installed along with Ingersoll Rand (Trane & American Standard) high-end residential variable HVAC systems.

These communicating thermostats are able to control variable heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces beyond the typical 1, 2, 3, or even 4 stages of traditional HVAC systems.

Communicating thermostats are proprietary to their manufacturer and unfortunately can’t simply be replaced with something like a Nest or Ecobee smart thermostat. I don’t think there is any sign of this trend changing since both Nest and Ecobee have articles posted that they have no plans/ability to integrate/replace these communicating thermostats. This situation isn’t unique to Ingersoll Rand products; it is a similar situation for Carrier, Lennox, etc.

ComfortLink II Thermostats can be controlled/automated through the Nexia cloud service. Trane & Schlage (both Ingersoll Rand companies) released Nexia in 2012. Nexia is a smart home hub/controller that is also linked to Nexia’s cloud service.

I do know that Houselogix (owned by SnapAV) has a competent Control4 driver for Trane ComfortLink II. I’m not sure if it communicates directly with the thermostat or if it communicates with Nexia’s cloud service. With that said, this is the best example of what I’d like to see Simple Control be capable of. Link.

Additionally, there are some indie devs that have made a Samsung SmartThings plug-in that partially works. Link.

There are a lot of these Trane Thermostats out there and it would be great if Simple Control could some day be the go-to automation solution for all ComfortLink II thermostats.