Transfer a Roomie Configuration to new user

New poster here. I am selling my house and the buyer wants my Roomie Remote setup and multi TV wall as part of the sale. I have spent countless hours building my Roomie configuration and plan on using at a my new home.

Is there a way to transfer a copy of the configuration to a new user so that the new owner can use what I built, but it is not associated with my account?

Thank you

Backup your configuration.
Provide that to New Owner.
New Owner purchases and installs the base app.
New Owner subscribes to the appropriate level of subscription.
New Owner restores the configuration file you sent.
New Owner taps Restore Purchases.

That should do it.

  • This assume all the basics like IP Addresses and devices have not changed.

Thank you Will. That is great info.

On the moving note, I have 5 apple TV’s and 4 Itach’s configured into my present Roomie Setup. If I buy new ones at my new home, but give them the same IP address, will Roomie recognize them? Is there a way to replace a device in the software so my existing setup works with new equipment?

I have a Unifi Dream Machine so all my networking IP’s, Mac addresses, etc. will be going with me.

Thank you for your time.

A new AppleTV must be added fresh and paired.

There is indeed a “Replace Device” option in the Activity Editor if you have created some complex commands you don’t want to rewrite.

“addresses, etc. will be going with me” – Just make sure they also stay behind you if you expect your old config to continue of course.


Just to be clear, I can add the new Apple TV’s fresh and pair them. From there I can replace them as a new device into the existing ATV activities?

I have laborious commands set up for each Apple TV and the overall startup as a whole. Basically I programmed many buttons on each ATV that command Roomie to open an app. For example, if I press the ESPN button, it will go to the home screen, move to the ESPN app, and open it. Or on initial startup, it opens all 5 ATV’s and turns them on to a preset app I programmed… many many hours of programming done there.

As far as the addresses going with me, the new owner will be out of luck then. I will be taking my router, and with that all addresses.

Thank you again for your time on this.

Just give a list of static IPs to the new owner and tell them to put that into their router.

Navigating via cursor commands on ATV to launch an app seems labor intensive. The modern way to do that is to create a pre-recorded voice command such as “open ESPN” using the .VOICE COMMAND feature.

Agree 100% on the .voice command. I actually set up a siri shortcut for every app on each ATV. Another painstaking process. That opens the app quickly, but it only opens it to the main screen. I still have Roomie buttons to use cursor commands when switching around because I need the cursor commands to move within the app once opened, and get to a main feed within it so I can get live video. The voice does a good job, but just for opening the app… Unless I’m missing something.

Will, I just realized you are the actual creator of the app. Thank you for it. I love it… I came over from iRule when it went down.