Transfering Roomie add-ons to another device

I set up my Roomie remote on my iPhone and want to transfer it all across to my iPad. I used dropbox to transfer the configuration and it shows up fine. However, as I try to use the remote, it tells me that I need to add the Home Theater Pack, which I already have on the iPhone. When I enter the Roomie Store and try to restore purchases, I get a message that I must Purchase the Application first, even though I have already purchased.


Do I have to purchase all the add-ons again for the new device? Is there a way to transfer the purchases onto the new device, as I will no longer be using the iPhone for the remote?

On the main page (where all your rooms are listed) select the settings button in the upper left then go the Roomie Store. This is where you normally purchase the in app upgrades. If you are logged in with the same Apple ID you used for the original purchases just click Restore Purchases and any of the optional items you purchased with this ID will be activated.

You have to use the same Apple ID as your iPhone though otherwise you’d have to purchase them again. If you use a different ID on your iPad you can always just log out and re login with your iPhone ID to complete the activation then log back into the original account.