Triggering Applescripts -- would love to get this feature back

Hey there,
So i have made the switch to the Latest version of Roomie Remote. I have lots of Activities and routines that involved Applescripts running on my host Mac mini… Any tricks to regain this functionality? Apologies in advance if I am missing something simple. I also use SmartThings, so maybe I will have to bridge through that device. Thoughts appreciated… Thanks!

I’d love that too! Unfortunately in the latest macOs there is no more telnet option, so I am also looking for a solution. I have many applescripts that are just dead at the moment… I tried the remote buddy solution, but I don’t particularly like it. Thanks

So I was able to bring scripts back with the addition of HAM Bridge for Mac. .

Runs as a web server listening for a command, to launch AppleScripts among other things. I think it was $40.00 and does NOT run on CATALINA…so I had to move it to an older server Mac Mini… but it has brought back all of my Applecripts. HTH…