Trinnov Altitude 32 status feedback support

I have been using a custom code set to integrate an Altitude Trinnov 32 with Roomie, beginning with v5 and now with v6. I am able to control power, decoder switching, source switching and everything else I need. When I manually added the Trinnov using the IP address, the Trinnov Altitude32 is in the Receiver choices, so I was able to use the stock design from Roomie. However, the design doesn’t support any feedback, so there is no way to know the current volume level, for example. Trinnov supports feedback via their API which is published. For example, sending a command “send_volume” returns the volume level in dB, the mute status, front panel dim status, and the optimizer bypass status. I tried adding the command with a key = .VOLUME STATUS and the string = send_volume but can’t find any way to capture the feedback and display it. Is it possible for me to customize the Trinnov design to do this?

Were you able to resolve this?

I’m new to Roomie, and wanting to get it to work with my Trinnov 32

No, I have not found any way to display the volume level in Roomie. I always have my Trinnov start at a level of -40dB and then I adjust it by ear. If I need to see the volume level, I’ll pop out of Roomie and look at it on the Trinnov interface with VNC.