Trinnov Altitude 32 status feedback support

I have been using a custom code set to integrate an Altitude Trinnov 32 with Roomie, beginning with v5 and now with v6. I am able to control power, decoder switching, source switching and everything else I need. When I manually added the Trinnov using the IP address, the Trinnov Altitude32 is in the Receiver choices, so I was able to use the stock design from Roomie. However, the design doesn’t support any feedback, so there is no way to know the current volume level, for example. Trinnov supports feedback via their API which is published. For example, sending a command “send_volume” returns the volume level in dB, the mute status, front panel dim status, and the optimizer bypass status. I tried adding the command with a key = .VOLUME STATUS and the string = send_volume but can’t find any way to capture the feedback and display it. Is it possible for me to customize the Trinnov design to do this?

Were you able to resolve this?

I’m new to Roomie, and wanting to get it to work with my Trinnov 32

No, I have not found any way to display the volume level in Roomie. I always have my Trinnov start at a level of -40dB and then I adjust it by ear. If I need to see the volume level, I’ll pop out of Roomie and look at it on the Trinnov interface with VNC.

I tried this with an Emotiva processor by creating a custom device and trying to get feedback working. It appears that the feedback ability in Roomie may have to be customized for each application, support sent me assistance, and I was able to get the volume dial to appear, but didn’t get feedback working. I’d like to figure it out though. Shoot me a pm if you’d like the info I have, maybe it will work on the Trinnov.

This topic is covered explicitly in the DDK. There is no way to get feedback working without internal code. Code sets are intended to send codes. The details of how to interpret what we get back are generally (with lots of exceptions like authentication, etc.) in code. There are many different classes of feedback interpretation possible, but you’re not going to get for instance Trinnov working by using an Emotiva feedback class (unless they have the same internals such as Denon/Marantz which are identical).

The more correct way of stating the path here is to say that support has typically worked with users that have obscure devices to add feedback support in cases where there was enough interest. It usually takes numerous beta builds but adding volume support is usually pretty straightforward, assuming you find or provide the appropriate API doc(s). You need to be willing to install numerous beta builds and provide the diagnostics from them, but many devices have been added that way. For instance, we have tons of Anthem support across many model years, but we’ve never had an Anthem device here. That’s entirely from users providing beta feedback refining it until it works well.

Will, am already a beta customer and would be happy to engage on getting the volume status working. I have the API docs from Trinnov and have been able to test using telnet to ensure the commands work and to view what the Trinnov returns, which is just a plus/minus numeric value in dB units. I can send you the appropriate definition for both the request status command and the return. What is the best way to communicate with you on this?

Will, I’d like to take you up on the offering to work with me to add volume feedback for the Trinnov Altitude. The IP protocol document, which I used to create my custom code sets for both the Altitude 32 and 16 is available from this link

I’m currently running 6.5.2 Bld 2223. I’m happy to install any betas and run any tests you’d like. A couple things I’ll note about the Altitude. With decimal numbers, they always return 6 decimal places for volume, even though the display only uses 1 decimal place. I specified Format “1” in my code but it isn’t 100% accurate. It was the closest I could find. The volume up/down keys work fine, as does a command I created called REF Volume that always sets the volume to -40dB. I would just like to get volume feedback added so I can tell at a glance what level I am playing at. The command for volume feedback is “send_volume” but it is really more like your .STATUS command than the .VOLUME STATUS command because it returns 6 values - the current volume in dB (to 6 decimals), the mute status (0/1), the dim status (0/1), the volume offset in dB (6 decimals), the preset_output_volume in dB (6 decimals), and the opt bypass status (0/1). The only thing I really care about in the volume level, so the rest can be ignored. I know there are other people on the Trinnov forum who use Roomie that would love to get this capability added. Thanks, Karl

See my last post right above this. That kind of thing is possible via beta feedback to support. Which is not the forum.