Trouble getting correct format for Serial codes

Hi Guys, just trying to control a TV via serial control. I have used the DDK many times but mainly for ir control and creating my own command setups. I’m now trying to create the serial codes for a TV but having issues.

Here Here is a link to a copy of the .plist I’m working on.

The codes given by the manufacturer are in Hex and if I input them into iTest they work fine, just having issues getting the correct format or data into the .plist file. For those that have a look a sample code looks like this" A0 F0 55 FF AE 51 ". Like I say, in iTest it works fine when I hit the hex send button, just not sure how to get roomie to understand it. In the .plist, it is the device called TileVision TV26FR2.

Any help is much appreciated.

It looks like you’re trying to send binary commands, but your commands are formatted as ASCII. Just rewrite:




Thank you.

Hi there, I did also try adding the x before each part but this made the actual buttons on the test remote dissapear…

Sounds like bad formatting that caused the whole file to be rejected. Try attaching that version so we can see what was done.

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay, I had bad wifi signal and couldn’t get my laptop to work. Coincidently I think this was also causing issues with roomie as once I got a better signal and re saved the .plist file all seemed to work using x in front of each part of the hex command. Looks like the file was becoming corrupt some how.

Thanks anyway for the help.