Trouble with Global Cache Discovery

My setup’s been in use for a year now but I’ve just noticed an issue with my wired GC ip2ir that I can’t resolve - it will no longer show up in the list of devices in Roomie. Found this out as I went to try the iTach learning function for the first time.

Almost all of my devices are IR and continue to be controlled by the GC, which is using a fixed IP address; my Yamaha AVR is IP controlled (and does continue show up, BTW). All of the Controller status boxes in the “Edit Device” panels for mr IR devices have the Global Cache greyed out and say “Searching…” IR devices already setup still can be controlled despite this.

Things I’ve tried:
-Router FAQ configuration actions (my router is a Netgear RP614v4)
-Reset iTach
-Switched to automatic IP assignment
-Different physical connection in local network

I can still access the iTach via a web browser using its IP address and configure those options. As I mentioned. my Yamaha AVR also shows up without fail so it makes me think the router is still setup ok.

It’s very likely I’ve gone wrong somewhere as I’m dangerous with a very tiny bit of knowledge but I’m completely stuck.

You may want to try updating the firmware on the iTach just to overwrite whatever is in there. Global Caché support would be better able to assist than we can if you still see it after that.

Note that as of Roomie 1.8, it is now possible to add IR devices without discovery by using the IP of your iTach and the port 4998.

Thank you.

Short story - Roomie is seeing iTach once again via discovery, but I’m not exactly sure why.

I used iHelp to reload firmware but still didn’t get discovery in Roomie; both iHelp and my router could see both the iTach and my Yamaha though, before and after the firmware reload.

Thought maybe I should delete all IR devices from the original setup - no joy, so I added them back using manual IP using port 4998. Everything working fine but still no discovery of the iTach.

Came back later to a second iPad that had an unused Roomie on the same account - all the latest devices changes made to the original one were there but no iTach discovery on the second iPad either.

Deleted and reinstalled the app on the second iPad - after the library update I could now see the iTach. Went back to the original iPad and it’s back there too. Yay!

Thanks for the help!