Trouble with Sony Bravia IR repeats didn't fix

I put together a Roomie setup at home and my father in law was so impressed he wanted it at his house. Setup at father-in-law’s is DirecTV on IP and Itach wi-fi to IR controlling a Pioneer receiver, AppleTV, and Sony Bravia KDL 46Z4100 from around 3 or 4 years ago. Everything works except the Sony Bravia. Nothing about the Bravia works. I’m currently attempting to control the Bravia off the Itach with the “all Sony TVs” setting.

So far I did the following:

checked the forums/FAQs.  This led me to the diagnose IR FAQ ([]( and I attempted changing the repeats on the Bravia from 1 up to 5.
Tried IP ports 1 and 2 on the Itach. Neither worked on the Bravia.
Tested Itach ports 1 and 2; both successfully controlled the AppleTV without issue.
Pulled up the owner's manual for the Bravia to make sure I knew where the IR port was and tested this location with the Bravia's actual remote.  I was indeed putting the Itach repeater in the proper place.

Any help would or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Sony TVs always require a raised Retransmit Count. But usually 2-4 does the trick. So just set it to 4 and then everything after that should be a physical issue. The important step you didn’t mention is step 3 in the FAQ: switch to the blaster. The blaster (on port 3 with port 3 reconfigured to Blaster mode) is the only way to tell if the real problem is an emitter placement issue.