Trouble with Telnet Custom Device

Hello, I’m having some trouble getting a custom device w/ telnet working. It’s a Wyrestorm AV over IP controller. I’m using the custom devices editor in the iPad app. Implementation is straight forward… connect to the controller’s ip on port 23, the device prints “Welcome to NetworkHD” – the command to be sent is “matrix set AppleTV KitchenDesk”

So when testing this with a telnet client it works as expected when simply pressing enter at the end of the command. But it does not seem to work in Roomie. I’ve tried setting it as both Telnet and Telnet with LineFeeds, but neither is working. The Action is defined as Inline. I enabled diagnostics and when pressing the action button, I see it connect to the controller and “Welcome to NetworkHD” is in the diagnostic logs. I see it send the command as expected, but it does not work.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks!

Compare what you see in the log to what you see via Telnet doing it manually. If it looks identical, it’s probably linefeed related.

It appears to be identical. For one, case sensitivity is important. In the code definition I have it set with the correct capitalization - the UI when selecting that command for the activity janks up the capitalization but I don’t think that’s the issue as the diagnostic log seems to send it correctly. If it is in fact a line feed issue, any suggestions for forcing a crlf at the end of the command?

There is no “if” involved once you look at the log. It shows you byte for byte what is sent and received. You compare that to what you want.