Turn pc on via wol

allow a pc with a wol enabled nic card to be turned on via roomie. per the faq a device has to be auto discovered. let us enter the mac address of device to be turned on…


This is indeed a feature of the 1.6.0 release.

Any idea when 1.6 will be released? This is a feature I am longing for.


i see 1.6 is out. will you be updating the faq on how do enter the mac address? i tried adding device but it’s still only showing “manual ip”. i’ve also tried adding via add activity but add command only shows “url” what am i missing? :frowning:


Given any IP device, to add a WOL command to it, you would use Add Command, select the +WAKE ON LAN command from the list, and then enter the MAC address of that device in the MAC Address field on that panel.

sorry but i’m missing something… i do an “add activity”, “add command” which displays “choose device”. the pc i want to wol is not there nor is there an option to wol.

You do need to add a device in order to send a command to it…