TV Guide does not control the remote keypad


My Components:


iTach Wi-Fi to Infrared Adapter

FYI: The enter button for “All Sony TVs” seems to be programmed as a “Previous Channel” button.

So, I created my own device and programmed the IR codes via the original remote.

The keypad works correctly, I can type in “31.1 Enter” and the channel changes as expected.

But, when I use the TV Guide to click on the channel number nothing happens. No blue or red text appears above the remote to indicate that the commands are being sent to the wireless IR device.

How can I get the TV Guide to communicate with the keypad of the remote?



Guide settings are associated with two things: (1) a Global setting that has no ability to change channels, it is simply for perusing the guide in non channel changing activities. And (2) a setting per-Activity that applies only to Activities with an Opens Remote device set to a channel-change capable device.

To change #2, which is what you want, you must first open that Activity and then click the gear icon for the Guide and configure the guide for that Activity specifically.

The Global setting can also be disabled by deselecting the “None” item in Guide Setup.

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

So, I tried what you suggested. No Luck.

I clicked on the activity named “Watch TV”

Then I click on the gear icon, configure the TV Guide and pressed save. The guide populates with the channel listings. I click on a channel icon and no commands are sent to the iTach. Then I click on the “Watch TV” activity again and the guide setup is now blank. Why is the guide setup blank again?


The “Open Guide with Activities” is set to “Watch TV” only.

In the “Watch TV” activity settings the “Opens Remote” setting is set to “Sony TV”

Remember the “Sony TV” device I’m using is a custom device I’ve created and manually programmed infrared commands for.


What else do I need to change to send IR commands to the TV via the TV Guide?

Why does the guide settings get reset when I click on the “Watch TV” activity?



There are no Sony TVs that would need a custom device. The built-in codes always work, but all Sony products as noted in the FAQ are the most common confusion for devices that don’t work because they require higher Retransmit Counts.

In any case, the device must be recognized as a legitimate channel changing device and since it’s a custom device that likely means in this case that the necessary commands were not added. We’d suggest switching back to the built-in Sony TV set to eliminate that issue.

Thank you.

Thanks for the quick response.

So, the original reason I created a custom device is because the commands sent to the TV were not correct. The ‘Enter’ command is actually a previous channel command.

OK, I switched back to the “All Models All Types” for the Sony TV. I’ve set the retransmit count to 2. I click on the “Watch TV” activity and configure the TV Guide.

Now when I click on a channel the commands are being sent to the TV. The TV displays that the channel is being changed to 31.1 but then it reverts back to the current channel 2.1.

If I use the remote in the Roomie app and press the “Enter” key the TV switches back to the previous channel each time I press the “Enter” key.

So, I can never change to a channel with the “All Models All Types” via the TV guide.

Seems that the “Enter” command is not programmed correctly.

Is there another setting I need to consider to change to make the “Enter” command work correctly?



Have you tried switching the “Switching Style” in the Guide Settings? Also, in each Switching Style, does the behavior vary if you use whole channel numbers rather than fractional channels?

Thank you.

OK, so it seems that changing to the “Zero Prefix” switching style has fixed things.

I like the Roomie app but I think that the setup could be improved. Feels like I could have been prompted about the retransmit count if it is known that Sony devices have this issue. If I could have typed in the exact model of TV then the “Zero Prefix” switching style could have been picked for me.


I’m sure there are too many devices to accommodate . Perhaps some type of crowd sourced data collecting could be used to know what models of devices required which settings to be picked to get things working correctly.


Thanks for your time.