Tv guide


Is it possible to disable the tv guide in an activity? I only need it for watching tv. Not necessay for watching blueray, dvd etc…


The Guide Settings do have options for exactly that. That’s the upper right button, scroll all the way to the top of the guide if you’re using an iPhone sized screen.


thanks for the advice. I selected no channels and now when i start blu ray i get an empty tv guide. I can manually hide it but was looking for an option which hides it automatically when the activity starts.


The hiding options are under the Guide Setup button. The guide is enabled there on a per-Activity basis.

Please be patient with me as i am new to this. The only options i have under the tv guide is provider and channel selection. Do i need to buy the hd guide pack? i am using an ipad.


Just to be sure, first open the Activity associated with your channel changing device on which you do want to use the guide. Then access Guide Setup from there. On the screen at that point when you’re in the Room in the Activity set to Opens Remote for the device that changes channels and does want the guide, you should then see every other Activity on the Guide Setup screen and be able to turn them off.

Thanks for All the really fast responses. All is working correctly now. dont know how i missed that when setting the tv activity.