tvOS 11.4 Released Today - Compatible?

tvOS 11.4 is out today which I’m eager to upgrade to for AirPlay2 support.

Is SC compatible?

I ask because I had tried the tvOS 11.4 betas and had issues with SC’s IP control.

Thank you!

We gave the update to Apple on 5/18, but it still hasn’t made it through their systems. We recommend holding off until you see 5.0.14 go live.

I can confirm it doesn’t work - the 4 digit pairing request response appears to be ignored (if it pops up at all)

Not SCs fault if they submitted update 12 days ago, but I have 5 of these things and between them automatically reverting to ‘Automatic Updates: ON’ and the idiotic ‘Upgrade Now’ pop-up while navigating content, not upgrading is easier said than done.

As mentioned in another thread, we do have space in beta, so adventurous types should just email support and we can get you on version 5.5. Note of course though that 5.5 is a much more dramatic upgrade than 5.0.14. Also, you must upgrade your full environment including Hub in order to switch to 5.5.

Well, I’m adventurous, but I’m pretty sure my wife is on the breaking point with home automation at the moment.

I’d be a good candidate for this beta since I have 75 devices (IP and IR A/V equipment, SmartThings, HomeKit, Ecobee, Lutron and Phillips HA and security cameras from Foscam, HIK, and GS) and everything is on a custom virtual remote.

I have extra iOS and tvOS gear, could a test account/license be used in parallel with my existing setup?

Just wanted to update that the 5.0.14 update works great on 11.4.

Keyboard still doesn’t work on legacy virtual remotes, but since that will be deprecated soon it doesn’t seem to make sense to open a ticket.