tvOS 14 public beta - don't upgrade (IMO)

Apple recently released the public beta of tvOS 14. I’ve had a dev device on tvOS 14 since the first developer beta, and both the initial and second betas seem to break remote control for everything but the official Apple remote.

Has anyone tried the public beta and been successful using Roomie? I have one device on 13.x and it continues to work fine - the tvOS 14 device works briefly /sometimes/, but then becomes completely non-responsive after 1-2 commands. I’ve deleted and re-added the Apple TV a few times just to see if I had botched my config… no change. Not a big deal, just figured I’d mention my experience in case anyone was looking at trying the public beta.

Best wishes,

We installed tvOS 14 developer beta 2 and everything seems to work fine. Maybe there was an issue in beta 1 (which would be a future Public Beta 2).