Two way feedback

Is there any way to get pioneer receiver’s Internet radio feedback displayed on roomie?

Pioneer has extremely limited feedback available for any type of Internet radio. We will add this feedback to an upcoming release probably 1.5, but we’d advise keeping expectations low until Pioneer improves their protocol. (Denon provides the best feedback right now with Yamaha a close second when it comes to this area of Internet radio specifically.)

How about Pandora feedback for Integra/Onkyo receivers. They appear to have quite a bit of functionality. There is already a iOS app for Integra that provides this so it can’t be that difficult.

You mean, I can’t get feedback from whatever that shows on the Pioneer receiver’s front display panel, like when I choose the HMG on the receiver, it shows the internet radio as the first option, then I can go to the favorites and choose my favorite stations from there. All of these show on the front display of the receiver. What you are saying is that I can’t get feedback from these options on roomie if I am not mistaken. right? The reason I am asking is that, I have my receiver in a closed cabinet and each time I want to go to my internet radio favorites, I don’t want to open the cabinet door in order to make sure I go to the right option. Thanks.

If it appears on the front panel, we can show that. They don’t provide anything beyond the basics like that though. Album art is for instance not going to happen with Pioneer. With some of the others, it will.

Morning All, First let me say great job on 1.4! Now that 1.4 is out and you have provided some integration/feedback for yamaha as far as intenet radio, pandora channel and such was wondering if Denon In command recievers such as the 2112ci up are going to get some loving in this area? That would be like the icing on the cake for me and roomie would be perfect!

So as you mentioned before you will add those features for the internet radio that appears on the front panel of the Pioneer receiver display on your next release right? I would really appreciate if you guys do that. The two way feedback is my main reason that I want to use roomie at this time since my components are hidden in a closet as I mentioned before. Thanks,

Yes, Denon is the next receiver on our list and it looks like their feedback offering is pretty good in this area at least as far as the special protocol goes. Their normal, published protocol is pretty mediocre about on par with Pioneer, but the one we use that is also used by their iOS app is great.

(Shameless plug: good luck finding support for the good Denon protocol in anything else – you wont.)

thats great to hear! I currently have to use their app to control those features so will be great to get all that into roomie!

Hi, I am thinking about controling my Pioneer receiver through serial connection. Earlier I asked you guys if I can have a two way feedback for my receiver’s internet radio option on the roomie display and you responded whatever that shows on the front panel display, you guys can display on roomie as two way feedback. I know you mentioned that it is limited in compare with other receivers but that is what I am looking for and it is good enough for me. The reason I am contacting you and I do appologize for buging you again with this matter but how soon do you think you can add those features inside the roomie. I am very excited to try it out. Thanks again.